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Apply now for the Executive of the Year Awards, New York City

For more than a decade, The CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards has been a prestigious event honoring visionary CEOs who are shaping the course of the world. This year the iconic Glasshouse in New York City is preparing to celebrate business excellence in the Northeast region of North America.

EOTYA New York City

On 20 June, The CEO Magazine is setting the stage for an exceptional celebration right in the heart of New York City – the iconic Glasshouse, an exclusive private event space perched at 660 12th Avenue.

Beyond acknowledging a company’s triumphs, the 2024 Executive of the Year Awards (EOTYA) puts the spotlight on the remarkable individuals leading those companies – the CEOs who steer their organizations toward unparalleled excellence.

Modern businesses are looking to enhance their purpose by gaining a greater understanding of the impact they have on their communities and the world at large. Getting this right will help to attract socially conscious consumers, retain talent, improve brand reputation and contribute positively to society, therefore laying the foundations for long-term success.

Through the Executive of the Year Awards, The CEO Magazine shines a light on the leaders steering their companies toward this elevated purpose, and recognizes and rewards these everyday superheroes.

With six distinguished sector awards to choose from, executives have the opportunity to showcase their best achievements and become the Overall CEO of the Year winner.

Moments in which business leaders are recognized and celebrated for their efforts by industry peers and an esteemed panel of judges are rare. Combine this with networking and high-profile speakers and you have a glamorous occasion to rub shoulders with the brightest minds in business.

To kick off the inaugural North American Awards ceremony, the focus will be on businesses based in the Northeast region: Maine; New Hampshire; Vermont; Massachusetts; Rhode Island; Connecticut; New York; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; and Delaware.


In 2024, we’ll be focusing on specific sectors. Each applicant should select the sector that best reflects their business offering. The sectors we have chosen for this year are as follows:

  • CEO of the Year Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • CEO of the Year Healthcare
  • CEO of the Year Property and Real Estate
  • CEO of the Year Manufacturing
  • CEO of the Year Information Technology
  • CEO of the Year Retail
  • Overall CEO of the Year


To recognize the best executives in North America, there are some must-haves for all applications.

To be an eligible applicant you must:

  • be able to demonstrate excellence in your role;
  • be employed in a private, public, not-for-profit business, government organization or a registered charity in the United States;
  • reside in the United States, or have a presence in United States;
  • work for an organization that has an American Employer Identification Number, or Federal Tax Identification Number;
  • be domiciled/based in the Northeast Region of North America;
  • be available for a photoshoot (winners only);
  • be a business registered in the Northeast region of the United States;
  • meet the minimum revenue requirement of US$50m;
  • hold the title of CEO or one of the following: Managing Director, President, General Manager, Founder or Chief Executive; and
  • be available to attend the Awards ceremony in New York on the 20 June 2024.

To be an eligible applicant you must not:

  • have filed for bankruptcy.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

The categories in more detail

CEO of the Year Banking, Financial Services and Insurance:

Including but not limited to: Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Asset Managers, Private Wealth, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Multi-Family Office

CEO of the Year Healthcare:

Including but not limited to: Public Hospitals, Private Hospitals, HealthTech, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Equipment, Corporate Wellness

CEO of the Year Property and Real Estate:

Including but not limited to: Property Developers, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, REITs, Industrial Property, Facilities Management

CEO of the Year Manufacturing:

Including but not limited to: Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Chemical, Automotive, Food, Beverage, Aerospace, Construction Materials

CEO of the Year Information Technology:

Including but not limited to: Software and Services, Hardware and Equipment, Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment

CEO of the Year Retail

Including but not limited to: Department Stores, Retail Chains, Ecommerce, Luxury Retail, Speciality Retail

Overall CEO of the Year:

The CEO with the highest score in any sector and decided by the external judges


The application process

Once the applicant has chosen their sector they will be invited to answer questions in the portal from the following categories. Each sector applicant will be asked the same questions within their sector for their application.

  • Brand Sentiment
  • Philanthropy
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Positive Impact on Society
  • Positive Stakeholder Engagement

The candidate that scores the highest cumulative score from the above category questions within their sector submission will be the winner of the sector award.

The CEO with the overall highest cumulative score from across the sectors will be the Overall CEO of the Year.

Entrants will be eligible to win any ONE of the sector awards and the Overall CEO of the Year category.


Ready to apply?

Visit our applications page HERE.

This year’s winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony at the Glasshouse New York on Thursday 20 June 2024

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