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NSW Police Force Executive Director of Public Affairs Grant Williams dares to cure childhood cancer

Grant will be laying in a bed of snakes all in the name of helping save kids’ lives at this year’s CEO Dare to Cure event.

CEO Dare to Cure Kids Cancer

NSW Police Force Executive Director of Public Affairs Grant Williams has always been invested in helping kids with cancer. But it wasn’t until his own son was diagnosed in 2013 that it became personal.

Below, Grant weighs in on his involvement in this year’s CEO Dare to Cure event, set to take place on Friday, 23 October 2020.

What motivates you to support childhood cancer research through Children’s Cancer Institute?
I have always been a supporter, but my level of involvement increased in a major way when my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer in 2013. He was saved through the miraculous work of the Kids Cancer Centre and Children’s Cancer Institute. It is only through the brilliance of his oncologist and the incredible research of Children’s Cancer Institute that he is still with us.

As such, I’ve been a major benefactor for the Institute ever since. Our family fund has helped drive groundbreaking research into targeted therapies to help other children beat this devastating disease.

Grant Williams, NSW Police Force, Executive Director of Public Affairs

Which dare are you taking on?
The Snake Bath Challenge.

How are you mentally preparing yourself to take on your dare?
I’m actually looking forward to the lie down. 2020 has been a big year, so I’m hoping a bath full of snakes will give me a few minutes to relax!

What’s your favourite mantra or quote for overcoming challenges?
“It’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.” – Michelle Obama

Are you a CEO or C-suite executive who wants to get involved? There’s still time to register, sponsor a CEO like our very own Chris Dutton or make a general donation. Your support truly makes a difference!

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