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Combining technology and innovation spells success for this year’s Entrepreneur of the Year

Honey Insurance’s Richard Joffe has been named Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2023 Executive of the Year Awards. He draws on more than two decades of success in the tech industry, with each of his startups heralding transformative change within its domain.

Richard Joffe is no stranger to starting over. In fact, he seems to relish it. In 2005, with his inaugural venture, Park Assist, Joffe revolutionized the parking industry by introducing sensor technology that automated parking processes. Acquired by TKH Group in 2012, the company is now operating in 20 countries.

He then embarked on his subsequent venture,, which harnessed AI to automate recruitment processes. A merger with Trustaff marked the culmination of this venture.

At present, Joffe spearheads Honey Insurance, a company poised to disrupt the home insurance sector in Australia. Founded on the premise of employing technology to help reduce clients’ risk and therefore prevent home insurance claims, the endeavor has garnered substantial support from strategic partners.

Innovating in Insurance

Unlike other insurance companies, Honey employs cutting-edge technology and data analytics to lower the need for home insurance claims. Through the use of smart sensors and incentives, it also empowers customers to mitigate risks and simplifies the insurance process through comprehensive digitization.

The entrepreneur’s core philosophy centers on leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, enabling individuals to allocate their resources towards what genuinely matters. This should come as no surprise; Joffe’s commitment to applying a technological solution to ongoing challenges underscores his approach in each of his entrepreneurial undertakings.

Richard Joffe

Secrets of Success

When asked about his take on success, Joffe says that his vision boils down to three key elements. First, he seeks to contribute to the growth of the tech ecosystem by nurturing talent that spawns new startups.

Second, his dedication to positive customer impact drives the aspiration of reducing home insurance claims by 50 percent, resulting in substantial annual savings for homeowners.

Last, he envisions Honey Insurance securing a 10 percent market share within four years, thereby creating a business valued at over US$1.94 billion, ultimately delivering significant returns to shareholders.

What inspires this ambition?

“When it comes to setting a big hairy goal, you take a hard look at what your core customer segment is. It is never 100 percent and, if you’re ambitious, never one percent,” he tells The CEO Magazine. “In case of Honey, we landed on a target of one-in-10 Australian houses in the next four years, which we are on track to hit.”

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A Journey Through Industries

Prior to his foray into entrepreneurship, Joffe honed his skills as a consultant at McKinsey and as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley in New York. The formative experiences endowed him with an understanding of business strategy, finance and global markets – facets of knowledge that have proven invaluable in his journey.

Joffe’s journey from revolutionizing parking to automating recruitment, and now transforming home insurance, underscores his status as an inspirational leader in the tech and insurance sectors. His visionary thinking, commitment to innovation and unwavering focus on customer-centric solutions are driving positive change and leaving a lasting legacy.

“Nothing would make me feel more fulfilled than if lots of our team members at Honey went on to start their own companies or join other early-stage companies.”

“Nothing would make me feel more fulfilled than if lots of our team members at Honey went on to start their own companies or join other early-stage companies,” he says. “I hope Honey can help develop the skills and confidence of the team, so this journey is only the beginning for many great entrepreneurs in the future.”

Joffe’s commitment to innovation was celebrated last week when he was awarded the coveted Entrepreneur of the Year gong at The CEO Magazine’s 2023 Executive of the Year Awards.

As he continues to lead Honey Insurance on its mission to reshape the insurance landscape, Joffe’s impact on the industry and society at large remains nothing short of remarkable.

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