Traffik CEO and Clemenger Group Board Director James Neale is shaving his head at this year’s CEO Dare to Cure to support Children’s Cancer Institute’s mission to save more kids’ lives.

Why are you taking part in CEO Dare to Cure this year?
I am taking part for many reasons but, ultimately, a very good friend of ours started working with the Children’s Cancer Institute and blew my wife and I away with all the wonderful things they do for our kids in this world. As a father of two, I felt like I had to contribute in some shape or form.

What dare are you taking on?
I am shaving my head. I chose to shave my head because it will hopefully grow back – although my kids are worried it will grow back all white!

Why do you think it’s important to support the Children’s Cancer Institute?
Children’s Cancer Institute is leading the field in our ongoing battle to find cures for cancer around the world and we should be exceptionally proud of the work and level of results they have discovered to date.

What is your personal reason for wanting to support cancer research?
As a proud father of two healthy, young boys, I know how lucky we are and, at the same time, how unfortunate many families are within Australia alone who are struggling with all types of cancers. If we can contribute to help find another cure or discovery then that would be amazing and hopefully lead to saving more kids across our country.

“Children’s Cancer Institute is leading the field in our ongoing battle to find cures for cancer around the world.”

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve taken on, either personally or in business?
Personally, signing up to do the Bali International Triathlon was one of the craziest and biggest challenges I have ever taken on. For business, our greatest challenge was starting Traffik and growing it to be Australia’s largest brand activation agency – a daunting and very rewarding experience at the same time.

What’s your mantra for overcoming challenges?
Surround yourself with entrepreneurial thinkers who want to challenge the norm with the view to continually improve.

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