Starting with a background in economics and finance, Claude Steinmetz, Director of Luxlait, began his career in the construction sector, primarily responsible for administration and human resources. He then became a funds manager before joining Luxlait in 2002.

Since joining the organisation, Claude has been a key driving force in the development of Luxlait’s latest production plant. “We had different plants in Luxembourg, so we built only one new plant, which opened in 2009, and we closed the other ones. This plant is one of the most innovative in Europe, even worldwide, because everything is automated. Also, we have a vitarium, which means we are open to everybody. We have about 45 interactive stations communicating about health, agriculture, sport, and this vitarium is at the front of our industry.

“Within the vitarium we have a 3D cinema communicating about how the different products are made, and it’s always related to education, so children and adults can go through our vitarium, up to the 3D cinema, and then go through the whole dairy, which is five metres high, and you can see what we’re doing. Within the 3D cinema you can see a story with our production manager together with a boy from the eighteenth century. There is interaction between those two and they take the different visitors through the whole dairy plant. That is quite innovative because nobody else has this, so we have a lot of communication and we are opening ourselves to our customers from Luxembourg and abroad. So it’s a unique initiative.”