The longevity and loyalty that Sunny Queen has in Australia is impressive. With roots dating back to the 1930s, this 100-per-cent-owned and -operated Australian company has strong ties to the land and farmers across Australia.

The CEO Magazine spoke to Managing Director John O'’Hara about what eggs he and his team are laying for Sunny Queen’'s future.

“"When I arrived at Sunny Queen, the company was predominantly a shell egg business based in Queensland, selling eggs to the Queensland market and primarily to supermarkets. We were very much a one-channel, one-product business. After arriving, I did a critical analysis of the business and had a look to see where to from here, and it was quite clear that we needed to expand our base in terms of product range, branding, and channels of sale."

“"We made sure that we had a good, strong brand, and the idea was to grow the Sunny Queen brand and move it interstate through the supermarket channel and also through the alternative market for food service and the independent market."