Monsanto, the multinational seed and agricultural technology company, has a simple but noble vision; to help farmers grow better, more sustainable crops in larger numbers, with less land, water, energy and waste.

Ultimately, the company hopes this will contribute positively on two levels: to help sustainably deliver the food required by a growing population and to play a role in addressing agriculture’s impact on climate change in line with the global agreement reached in Paris.

Leticia Gonçalves, President of Monsanto Europe, spoke to The CEO Magazine about this vision, which the company calls ‘smart farming’. She also discussed the challenges being faced in the European region of Monsanto, the culture of the company, and her vision for the future.

 The CEO Magazine: What was your professional background prior to coming into your current position as President of Europe for Monsanto? 

Leticia: I have been working for Monsanto for 20 years this year. I started my career with Monsanto in Brazil, straight out of college. I’m a chemical engineer by training, and I started as an intern back in Brazil, working for Monsanto in several different business areas. Today Monsanto’s business is 100 per cent agriculture, but at that time we had an industrial chemical business as well, mainly in food like the famous NutraSweet aspartame.