Australians know Seafolly for its stylish swimwear and apparel, which reflect beach culture, and now the label has been making a splash in international markets to quickly become one of the most recognised lifestyle brands around the world. Peter and Yvonne Halas created the swimwear empire from humble beginnings in 1975, and their son Anthony today holds the position of CEO.

As a young boy, Anthony recalls spending time in the cutting room, laying fabrics in the warehouse, and packing boxes full of orders each school holiday break. While he wasn’'t always the most enthusiastic about helping out, he grew to develop a love for the brand that is evident in his leadership style. He spent some time away pursuing other interests; however, it was inevitable that one day he would come back to play an important role in the Seafolly journey.

"“I actually left the business for about seven years to study and work as an actor,”" Anthony recalls. "“The best role I was able to get was Hamlet in a stage show. I thought that was about as good as it was going to get for me. When that run finished, my father was very keen for me to get back into Seafolly. So I did. It was something that was in my blood, and I felt that I had a very good instinct for the business and the industry.”"