Upon completion of her university studies, Danielle Press, CEO of Equip, began working for the Reserve Bank. She then moved to SBC, which became UBS, and gained experience in financial modelling as an economist. Danielle worked in Singapore and the United States before taking up her current role in May 2010.

In December 2012, Equipsuper rebranded as Equip to better display the company'’s broad offering and areas of expertise. "“Really, it reflects the fact that superannuation funds are not just about super. Equip has superannuation, pension, and financial planning, and I believe that the superannuation funds that will survive in the future will be financial services businesses. To wed ourselves to super through our name just seemed a little counterintuitive."

“"It was very much about bringing a financial services business into the market and really positioning ourselves to be that, rather than just superannuation, which takes you essentially to retirement and not through retirement. As a fund, we are very passionate about taking our members through retirement, about changing the conversation from a lump-sum target for retirement—which is what super is to some extent— and about income replacement and financial adequacy through retirement."”