The PAS Group transitioned from private equity firm to publicly listed company in June 2014. This is unsurprising, given CEO Eric Morris comes with 35 years of industry experience, and the company incorporates some of Australia’'s more distinguished brands, including Review, Metalicus, Black Pepper, and Yarra Trail.

Eric worked for a number of years with Reebok, first as their general manager in South Africa, then as regional director for Africa and the Middle East. After that, he spent five years in Hong Kong working as regional director for Asia–Pacific, first for Reebok and later for Walt Disney International. He came to Australia 12 years ago in order to head up Myer’s private-brand division and sourcing operations.

“"There’'s no doubt that my previous experiences influenced the approach I take as CEO of The PAS Group,"” Eric says. “"You’re learning all the time, and you pick up the best leadership strategies and styles along the way. The biggest lesson I learned from my work for national and international organisations was the importance of only putting into practice the decisions that make common business sense. You would think most businesses run that way, but I believe that generally they do not.”"