Since its establishment, WeSC (short for We are the Superlative Conspiracy) has always been regarded as an avant-garde clothing brand. WeSC got its start sponsoring underground artists, musicians, and skateboarders in Sweden without engaging in any other marketing. This unique approach helped create the alternative image that WeSC prides itself on.

Johan Heijbel, CEO of WeSC, looks back on the history of the brand and how it has changed. “WeSC was formed in 1999 by six founders, each from specific industries, and they all came from this street/grunge culture of skateboarding and snowboarding. If you look at the street brands back then, they were very basic, so the founders realised that it was a very big space to move in with different products. So you could move in with high-quality jeans, you could move in with shirts, and everything else.

“We also have come to realise that our customers, even if they started out as skating teenagers, are more mature today. They still have that attitude, which I think is super-important in everything, but they have grown and matured and they may work at jobs where they need to look a little more dressy, so it’s our job to provide that, but with the attitude that comes with our brand. I want everyone to be able to wear it to any meeting. It is expression and it’s a feeling that comes with a true lifestyle brand.”