Nudie Jeans hopes to leave an indelible stitch on the world, not just the retail space. The company, which boasts a presence in 26 markets around the world, is determined to lead by example and make a difference in the global market.

The CEO Magazine Europe spoke to Nudie Jeans’ CEO Palle Stenberg about the exceptional growth of the business, its core philosophy, and the people who make up this unique company.

“I am one of three partners of Nudie Jeans Marketing AB who started the company in 2002. In the beginning, we didn’t have a CEO because the company was very, very small. It was just three of us, and my brother worked with us as well. I was responsible for all sales and marketing, which means I travelled around the world for seven years meeting people and finding partners, distributors, agents, sales people, and retailers.

Maria Levin, who is the founder, works at our home office or in Italy and works with the brand, develops the products, works with the production, and makes sure that we have the products delivered on time. Joakim Levin, who was the third partner, was trying to find ways to pay for all the jeans and take care of the warehouse and logistics. The company grew extremely fast from zero to almost one million jeans per annum in only a few years. Today, we are based in 26 markets around the world, with our head office in Gothenburg, Sweden.”