From the first designs of an innovative new shoe, Crocs has developed into a billion-dollar global business. Now, with a wide range of products in a multitude of categories, Crocs is determined to reach new customers and continue its amazing success.

Since joining the company in October 2011 as managing director, Vince Gunn has overseen the wholesale, retail, and e-commerce arms of Crocs Europe. The European business has a revenue of more than $200 million, comprising three trading channels, which encompass 215 stores, 12 websites and more than 10,000 accounts. The CEO Magazine Europe sat down with Vince to discuss the organisation’s rapid expansion into different categories and markets.

“When I was approached about the Crocs job, I knew my kids had Crocs, but I was unaware of just how big the company was. I started to look at the business and I was stunned to realise that it’s a billion-dollar business that trades in 90 countries. It’s such a young company with exciting potential.

The other thing that stuns you is that when you think of Crocs, you usually think of clogs, but we’ve got 300 other styles. Part of our mission is to get people, particularly those who love the brand, involved in the other products that we have.”