Inflight Service enhances the travel experience of millions of consumers every year through its range of stores and products located in airlines, ferries, and airports across the Nordic and Baltic regions. As the force behind the Holiday Taxfree pre-order brand for airlines, the EUROSHOP airport shops chain, Inflight operates stores in Sweden, Estonia, and Poland in addition to locations on ferries that are operated by Fjord Line and Unity Line.

“My background is in fast-moving consumer goods and I’ve worked for very consumer-centric organisations like Procter & Gamble, Gillette, and Nokia” Björn stated. “If you get into the reason why someone like me got the job, travel retail as an industry is very similar to grocery products. It is very much focusing around the consumer and catering to the specific needs that consumers have when they travel. On the other hand, it’s about channelling advertising and brand awareness and recognition. Working for strong brands like Procter & Gamble and Gillette has helped me understand this.

It’s a very interesting situation to be in because we frequently deal with consumers when they’re the happiest they’ve ever been—when they’re on holiday—so it’s a sweet spot in terms of engaging with consumers”.