Greg Heylen, CEO of BGC Contracting, has been in his position for three years and has worked with the organisation for 14 years. He has seen the company grow since joining, particularly benefiting from the mining and resources boom.

However, growth has been a key challenge for the business, particularly since the contracting industry supporting mining and resources has been quite volatile. “"One of the early challenges for our business, because we were quite a small organisation 15 years ago, was to grow our business to a credible size. I think smaller organisations face issues when trying to grow their business, but we got through that okay."

"“The mining boom arrived about eight years ago, and the challenges there were developing strategies and implementing those to grow profitably in that boom, which was around getting the right people working for us and getting enough capital to be able to do the work that clients wanted us to do for them. Fundamentally, it has changed over the past two years where now the challenge is strategy around still growing our business in a profitable and sustainable way, but within a market that is largely shrinking for mining and civil contractors.”"