With $1.7 billion in funds under management and more than 100,000 families as members, ASG is serving a vital function in supporting the educational aspirations of Australian and New Zealand families.

John Velegrinis, CEO of ASG, has more than three decades of experience in the banking sector and a deep passion for education. He says that while the organisation is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, its programs and services are more important and relevant than ever.

“"What ASG has always done is fundamentally assist parents with their aspirations for their children'’s education. I think 200 years ago that was relevant; even 100 years ago it was relevant; certainly 40 years ago it was, and so it is today. Parents are always incredibly concerned about the future of their children and being able to give them the best future opportunities in life, and education is a core piece of all of that."

“"It’s a case of needing to continually evolve as the world around us does. The fundamental need for our services hasn'’t changed significantly; where the shift has come about is that education is not viewed as narrowly as it was in the past. We certainly have curriculum-based learning and formal education as the centrepiece of what parents are concerned about, but then there are so many other aspects of education, such as social and emotional learning and life skills, that parents are looking for some assistance with."”