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António Mexia

Photo of António Mexia  - CEO of EDP

EDP is one of Europe’s major suppliers of power, and the world’s third-largest producer of wind energy. Established in 1976, EDP has grown to inhabit a significant space in the electricity and gas sector worldwide, being present in 13 countries, with more than 12,000 employees. The company uses a low-risk approach, takes a long-term view, and is committed to transparency and sustainability.

The CEO of EDP, António Mexia, brings a diverse range of experiences to his leadership of the company. António started his career as a lecturer, before moving into leading positions in investment banking and energy companies in Portugal. He was also the Portuguese Minister for Public Works, Transport, and Communications. António took the time to speak with The CEO Magazine regarding his approach to leadership, the company’s development, and his outlook for the future.

The CEO Magazine: How has your professional background in academia and government informed your leadership approach to EDP

António: I see leadership as an exercise in freeing up capabilities and energy. To fulfil this leadership exercise today, I believe that you need to have a global vision, and that all the different experiences that you bring to the role of CEO are very relevant. Playing different roles is critical to having a more holistic vision, which gives you the possibility to better anticipate and be prepared for surprises.

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