With operations in Australia, Sri Lanka, and India, AGXINTL has taken a multinational and diversified approach to its development. As an international trade and offshore business entity, AGXINTL helps companies around the world reach innovative solutions.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Anton Godfrey, the founder and CEO of AGXINTL, to discuss the company’s evolution across the Australasian region. He says he was inspired to become an entrepreneur and establish AGXINTL in his early career.

“I was first inspired to venture into entrepreneurship in my early twenties when I was given a work assignment dealing with the subject of international trade. The research I conducted in this field provoked me to think of different and creative ways of improving the development of global markets and the interactions between them.

“It was challenging at first, especially during the early stages as I was establishing the company, but I learned through experience and observation. As a result, I have been able to achieve my goal of forming a company that is truly multinational in its approach.”