Goznak is a unitary enterprise responsible for the production of coins and banknotes in Russia. The organisation has a long history in the country and also supplies security products for many other countries including China, Germany, France, Indonesia, Guinea, Rwanda, Lebanon, Tajikistan and others. The organisation has preserved and is built on the best traditions of the Expedition of Storing State Papers, the forerunner of Goznak, which was founded in 1818. With its long story and rich traditions, Goznak has remained dynamic and innovative in an increasingly competitive market.

Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak, comes from a strong background in finance and economics. He’s a professor of the Department of Management at the Financial University and a member of the Expert Council at the Government of the Russian Federation. “My experience started in university. After graduating from the university with a specialisation in radio engineering I had a short experience of working according to my education.

“After the period of transformation into open market in Russia, I decided to try myself in business. By that time I had started my second education in finance. I also got some experience working in the banking sector and later in the electric power industry. I worked in finance and marketing at Lenenergo [!a!]. In 2001 I was invited to join Goznak, and since that time my destiny has been connected with this company.”