Talios Invest has a range of strong, sustainable food businesses in its group with the company investing and developing in successful businesses like Tage Lindblom, Mantorp, and Ostspecialisten.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Dennis Bohm, CEO of Talios Invest, to discuss the evolution of the company and the transformation of the brands and companies under its wings.

“It all started in 2001 when I bought a cheese business. I worked with a company for eight years before I got the opportunity to buy another company that focused on food service. It was much bigger and the deal involved a lot more money. Talios Invest was invented in order to be able to create a group of companies. I would use Talios Invest to buy other companies, to get an interesting mix of companies that could work together.

Dennis says that in recent years the company has seen substantial growth. “After a large acquisition, we’ve increased our turnover by more than $100 million. We’ve also been able to keep our clients happy. We’ve invented a new way of packaging because a lot of the products we work with are genetic products like cheese, tomatoes, beans, and so forth—you can buy them almost anywhere.”