Francisco Aristeguieta has had quite the journey with Citi. Originally from Venezuela, he has been with the US-founded bank for over two decades and has served its operations from six different countries. This vast experience has culminated in his appointment in June 2015 as the CEO of Asia–Pacific, a very important market for the group. Based in Hong Kong, Francisco says it has been a fantastic opportunity to relocate from his Latin American home, where he previously served as CEO for Citi’s Latam region.

“To work in a completely different region and with new people, is absolutely invigorating and energising,” Francisco shares.

“It’s very uncommon after so many years to have an opportunity to do something that is new, but at the same time it is a role that very much caters to my experience and my ability to make a difference. It’s a fantastic opportunity from that point of view. And my family, who have accompanied me throughout this journey very bravely, country after country, are excited. They’re enjoying getting to know this part of the world. They’re curious; they embrace differences, and that’s what this international lifestyle gives you. I think it’s a fantastic chapter for our family and for me personally.”

Francisco notes that his career with Citi has been a true reflection of the spirit of the brand, which is very global in nature. Born out of the philosophy that it would always have a locally felt presence in each of its markets — of which there are at least 100 — the bank has a long-standing history and legacy. This is evident in Asia and the rest of the world. “My journey with Citi is common in that I worked my way up through the various positions, but it’s also a true reflection of the fibre of the bankers we develop,” he says. “It’s a mix of very strong local knowledge with a powerful connection to a global network, and that’s the journey that I have been privileged to be a part of.”