As the world’s largest card issuer by purchase volume, American Express is a globally recognised brand and a powerful player in its sector. Each day, American Express processes millions of transactions as the premium network for high-spending card members. Staff across the American Express family are determined to make purchasing safer, easier, and more rewarding for businesses and consumers across the globe.

It’s this attitude that has formed the core of American Express’s philosophy and mission. Throughout its global arms, American Express does not see itself as just a bank, but as more of a service company. Customer service sits at the core of its operations and goals, with many of its long-term priorities revolving around building and developing its customer-service offering.

In the Nordic region, this mission is upheld with passion and dedication. As Country Manager for American Express Nordic, Fredrik Sauter pushes his team to challenge themselves and find new and more innovative ways to better serve their customers.

Since assuming the position of Country Manager over 18 months ago, Fredrik has overseen the card business unit of American Express in the competitive markets of Sweden and Finland after it was split from the travel business unit. With both business units covering a range of areas and products, American Express decided to split the travel and card areas to ensure a strengthened focus and direction for each individual area.