In 2014, significant reforms were made to Australia’'s Privacy Act 1988, increasing the need for businesses to be highly vigilant when handling consumer data such as names, addresses, and credit card information. Breaches can be subject to fines from the Privacy Commissioner of up to $1.7 million for every offence, and the new legislation encourages that reasonable steps be taken to ensure systems are secure.

That’s where PS&C comes in. The ICT services company offers cyber solutions including vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and security regimes to protect organisations from any sort of breach. Managing Director Kevin McLaine says it is important that C-level executives put time, effort, and money into security protection.

"“The cyber security space is a growing area in Australia and we are a significant player in it,"” he says. “"We provide services focused on helping companies understand if their systems are vulnerable, and we also check their processes to make sure that they are less likely to be penetrated. Organisations pay us to try to penetrate, or hack, into their system to determine how robust their security is. Our vulnerability assessments might involve constant monitoring to look at operating protocols and security procedures. Every time you put a new application inside your system or make a change to your website, then it should be penetration tested to check if it’'s vulnerable. Our businesses are basically about providing assurance."”