Around 600 kilometres north of Perth and 80 kilometres by road from Mount Magnet is Atlantic’s Windimurra Vanadium mine and plant. The project, owned by Atlantic subsidiary Midwest Vanadium Pty Ltd, first achieved production in January 2012 and is accelerating towards a run rate of 6,300 tonnes per annum of contained vanadium within this year. Windimurra is a world-scale vanadium project, with production to meet about 5 per cent of world demand annually. The project is also targeting to sell more than one million tonnes of iron ore annually.

Atlantic is also working in close collaboration with Vietnam’s National Institute of Mining-Metallurgy Science and Technology (Vimluki), and recently submitted a development study for a major integrated mine-rail-port bauxite project in Vietnam’s central highlands. This is a milestone event for Atlantic, and is the first step in the development of the aluminium industry in Vietnam. The project has the potential to be a very significant contributor to Vietnam’s economy, and will directly benefit the people of Vietnam by providing jobs, skills training, and business opportunities.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Atlantic Chairman and Managing Director Michael Minosora to look at his journey to the company’s top seat, the struggles that the Windimurra project has had to confront, and how he has total confidence that Windimurra and Atlantic’s work in Vietnam will be instrumental in helping Atlantic grow, diversify, and expand its investment portfolio. _