Risk management is an important part of any successful business. Knowing what you would do if and when the unexpected happens like a fire, flood, or theft, and having a plan in place is essential to managing the potential disruption to your organisation. In this modern era, businesses often need insurance that wasn’'t required or available in past years.

It’s' not only major companies like Sony that are affected by data hacks and targeted cyber attacks. According to the Australian Crime Commission, 30 per cent of businesses reported being affected by a cyber-crime incident, and many of these organisations had not prepared for that kind of theft or attack.

Steadfast aims to ensure that businesses, specifically small- to medium-sized enterprises, are properly prepared and protected for anything that may happen. It offers insurance brokerage and advice from more than 500 offices across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, and is well known for its sponsorship of both the Brisbane Roar football team and the Nissan V8 racing team.