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Capitalising on success: Shamin Sookia

Shamin Sookia Managing Director of Perigeum Capital

One of the leading providers of financial advisory and listing services in Mauritius, Perigeum Capital has distinguished itself with its team of experienced and trusted advisors. The company has won numerous accolades over the years for its services, including Private Equity Africa’s Corporate Finance Advisor of the Year award in 2018, and its team has brought tailored expertise in finance to dealings with regulators and investors on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM).

Managing Director Shamin Sookia has close to three decades of experience in Mauritius’ financial market, following a career spanning auditing, taxation, management, consultancy services, and finance directorships. A member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK, and a past member of the Audit Committee of CIMA, and the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants, Shamin was educated at King’s University and the University of Mauritius, where he completed an MSc and an MBA respectively.

Shamin Sookia Managing Director of Perigeum Capital
Shamin Sookia, Managing Director of Perigeum Capital

It’s Shamin’s work on the SEM from 2005 to 2016 however that is of greatest importance to his current role. Actively involved in the development of new and innovative products in the context of SEM’s strategic value shift, Shamin was engaged in designing the regulatory framework that governed the SEM. He was also instrumental in enabling international ventures to list and raise capital on the SEM, ensuring its place as one of the leading Exchanges in Africa. His knowledge of the SEM has proven invaluable for Perigeum, where his experience has provided a high quality of corporate advisory and listing sponsor services.

“My position as Head of Listing at the SEM has provided me with sufficient background knowledge and an unrivalled network, which has meant that I can bring expertise and experience to the team at Perigeum Capital,” he says. “My background has enabled me to devise strategies to steer the team towards being proactive, efficient and abiding by best practices with regards to the provision of tailor-made solutions to our broad base of clients.”

“My background has enabled me to devise strategies to steer the team towards being proactive.”

Currently, Shamin has focused the firm’s attention towards real estate, renewable energy, financial services and financial technologies, while looking to expand the depth and scope of clients serviced in the next five years. “Because of the changing patterns of customers worldwide, we intend to be involved with companies that operate internationally going forward. Financial technology will certainly be a part of that, and we intend to be one of the trailblazers when it comes to its implementation.”

In the meantime, Perigeum helps international companies connect with those in the Mauritian market, increasing capital and assisting growth initiatives throughout Africa. Further, Perigeum plans to step up its efforts to list companies on the SEM, as well as assist companies that are focused on Africa, to pursue a development agenda to connect emergent markets in Asia and Africa.

Shamin Sookia Managing Director of Perigeum Capital

With Shamin’s acumen and insight, these ventures should prove prolific. “Our ability to successfully engage with the right stakeholders has made it possible for us to respond effectively to the business needs of our clients,” he says, “and has enabled them to build resilience in the wake of the various challenges impacting the stability of the business environment in which they operate.”

Of course, Perigeum is as much reliant on its team as it is Shamin’s expertise and leadership, and he is constantly looking for recruits to refine Perigeum’s edge in the financial market. “We need talent to progress and achieve our objectives,” he says. “Talent is a rare commodity, not just in Mauritius but internationally. To attract professional, motivated, and reliable people to our firm, we must spend a lot of time and money.”

That’s why Shamin believes that “the best way to attract talented individuals looking for a career in corporate finance is to proceed in a piecemeal fashion”. This is carried out by listing vacancies online in a way that is easily accessible for candidates while engaging with prospective hires to understand what they are looking for and what they can bring to Perigeum, says Shamin.

“The sort of work environment we cultivate is one where, if you were to look for other opportunities, you would think twice,” says Shamin. “There is a career path which we want people to try. They can start at a certain level, then, based on performance, we can expose them to the full suite of services we provide.” The emphasis is on building confidence and comradeship. “I’m always trying to foster a career for our team.”

“A leader, irrespective of the organisation, sits at the top, but on top of whose shoulders rests the responsibility of every individual in the entire organisation.”

It’s Shamin’s experience as an emerging leader that has influenced how he approaches retention and mentorship. “When I started my career more than 30 years ago, someone told me something inspiring,” he says. “A leader, irrespective of the organisation, sits at the top, but on top of whose shoulders rests the responsibility of every individual in the entire organisation.” It’s a saying that Shamin reflects upon regularly and that has defined his successful approach to finance and leadership now for years.

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