Arnott’s has long been an iconic Australian brand. What started as a small bakery in Newcastle has grown into an internationally recognised food manufacturer that employs thousands of people throughout the country and region.

Acquired in 1997 by US-based Campbell Soup Company, the company has retained its proud history in Australia and is one of the largest food companies in the Asia–Pacific region. Arnott’s success has put Australian-made biscuits into more than 40 markets across the globe, including Japan, the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Tahiti, and New Zealand. This ever-growing international network is a testament to Arnott’s product quality and unparalleled manufacturing capacity.

Vice-President of Supply Chain for Arnott’s Asia–Pacific Craig Funnell began his career as an electrical engineer, working with petrochemical company ICI Australia. After two years with the organisation, Craig left to do some international travelling before returning to Australia and working with FMCG giant Johnson & Johnson. It was there that Craig spent the next 18 years of his career, learning the industry and getting a taste for the Asia–Pacific market.