From its beginnings as a market stall selling homemade cordials back in 1997, Alchemy Cordials has grown into a prominent player in the beverage industry. As a family business with a focus on natural, flavoursome products for use in cafés, restaurants, bars, delicatessens, and supermarkets, Alchemy Cordials is a well-respected and -regarded manufacturer and marketer of naturally flavoured beverages.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Alchemy'’s Managing Director Malcolm Lack to discuss how this family business has evolved and matured over the years.

The CEO Magazine: What are Alchemy’'s core values?

Malcolm: I think our core values are centred on the fact that we are obsessed with flavour. Our core values are honesty, integrity, and being candid. We'’re a people factory; we focus on developing people to their full potential, which plays a key role in our core values. Openness, candidness, allowing people to be who they really are, and integrity are very important to our core values.