The Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance (AWD Alliance) is the largest defence procurement project in Australia’s history. The alliance’s objective is to build and deliver three Hobart Class Destroyers, named HMAS Hobart, HMAS Brisbane, and HMAS Sydney, to the Royal Australian Navy in 2016, 2017, and 2019.

The AWD project is the largest defence project ever undertaken in Australia, and is being executed under an alliance-contract framework. The AWD Alliance comprises the Defence Materiel Organisation representing the Australian Government, ASC as the lead shipbuilder, and Raytheon Australia as the mission systems integrator. The representatives of these three entities form a virtual organisation, referred to as the AWD Alliance, focused on the core objectives of the project and outcomes: to build a highly skilled naval shipbuilding industry for the future, and supply the next generation of warships that will effectively defend Australian shores. Understandably, this is essential for Australia’s future prosperity and security.

As an island continent, Australia has sovereign rights over a vast area of ocean, along with fishery, mineral, and petroleum resources. Australia’s Maritime Jurisdiction covers more than 16 million square kilometres of ocean. Australia’s economy depends on the free movement of import and export items with our trading partners, and Australia requires a highly capable navy with leading-edge technology and resources to protect this area.

The $8-billion Air Warfare Destroyer Program will provide the Royal Australian Navy with three of the world’s most capable multimission warships. The Hobart Class Destroyers will be hugely versatile, combining offensive and defensive weapons, long range and endurance, with the ability to perform a command-and-control role with both the Australian Defence Force and coalition forces. They will be able to provide air defence for accompanying ships and support diplomatic missions.