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The sky’s the limit: Char Tze Hiang

Today more than ever, consumers are proactively managing their own wellbeing and are looking for the best health and nutrition tools to do so. This has placed nutraceuticals manufacturer Moreth firmly in the spotlight with its established and innovative range of natural products.

Char Tze Hiang, General Manager of Moreth SDN BHD

For General Manager Char Tze Hiang (TH Char), responding to the needs of the public is a priority. “Success is about creating a positive impact on people’s lives for now and the future,” he says.

Moreth, formerly known as MRT, is a Malaysian nutraceutical contract manufacturer that formulates and produces traditional medicine, health supplements and functional food. Founded in 1999, the company focuses on molecular reform therapy (MRT) and cellular nutrition.

MRT is a holistic self-health concept introduced by two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. Nutraceuticals are naturally nutrient-rich or medicinally active foods or parts of foods that are considered to provide medicinal and health benefits.

Serial ‘intrapreneur’ TH has more than 30 years of experience in Asia and Europe across a range of predominantly engineering-based industries. Over the past six years, he’s brought his innovative perspective and razor-sharp knowledge to Moreth and has made an impact by diversifying product ranges and streamlining processes. The results speak volumes. TH explains his vision.

“When I joined the company, I wanted to raise the bar by identifying product diversification opportunities and increasing capacity. Our formulation output has increased tenfold over the past five years,” he says.

“The company provides contract manufacturing services with a respected product implementation capability, its product range including tablet, capsule and powder form food beverages for daily healthcare and sports nutrition.”

Char Tze Hiang, General Manager of Moreth SDN BHD_2

Moreth has stringent processes for raw ingredient selection, production and packaging operations for food safety, hygiene and formulation accuracy. “We maintain exceptionally high standards with a zero-defect policy,” TH says.

“We look at our targets and break them down into smaller parts. Man, material, method, machine. We don’t think about the limitations; instead, we work our way around them.” When discussing the future direction of Moreth, TH answers easily.

“I want to focus on the knowledge economy. We want to be a technology science-based company,” he says. “We’re also looking at product diversification, and developing nutritious and functional foods that can be brought to market quickly.

“Growth through regional collaboration with multinational corporations is another opportunity. We believe we can add value to their businesses by developing products that fit better into Asian and halal Asian markets.”

But just as important as the company’s passion for product creation and innovation is its passion for people. “Our working culture encourages cross-functional cooperation,” TH says. “We identify multidisciplinary teams of people who can work together. Observing the experience of others is the quickest way to learn. I like to encourage mentorship.

“We’re trying to change ‘knowledge’ to ‘know-how’. It’s how we implement effectively while working across a range of different backgrounds and values. We want our team to understand how our innovative products contribute to our customers’ health and wellbeing.

“I’m working with a team of diverse professionals with high morale, whose opinions are valued. We want them to know the role they each play and the impact they have on the business.” What does it mean to Moreth to have strong and supportive relationships with its suppliers?

“We look at supplier relationships as a collaboration – we work seamlessly with them as a team and we encourage cross-functional, cross-company cooperation,” TH reflects. “We always treat our suppliers as our partners – that’s part of our business ethic.

Char Tze Hiang, General Manager of Moreth SDN BHD_3

“We work collaboratively with key suppliers such as DSM Nutritional Products, who share our customer-centric thinking. This creates a positive customer experience for both before and after sales.” When it comes to value drivers for Moreth, it’s all about QIRP; quality, integrity, respect and passion are the key cornerstones of the company.

“Innovation and creativity excite me – I have a passion for creating value. I’m the guy who’s always searching for continual improvement,” TH enthuses. “I believe the sky’s the limit with what we can achieve. Some of my peers have told me, ‘TH, for you it’s beyond the sky,’” he chuckles.

“We want to aspire and aim high so we’re not limiting our business growth. I’m determined, and I never give up.”

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