An avid runner, Choo Kin Poo likes to keep healthy. The CEO of Singaporean healthcare provider AsiaMedic says he runs 60km a week and, when we interviewed him, noted that he had run 21km the previous Sunday. After many years of running marathons, he says running is very much like life.

“You can never predict what happens on the actual day,” Kin Poo says. “The weather could be good, it could be off-putting, or you could pull some of your muscles. You need a lot of strategy when it comes to running a marathon.”

AsiaMedic finds synergies with China's Luye Medical Group

When it comes to strategy, like AsiaMedic’s acquisition of South Korea’s LuyeEllium Healthcare for US$31.1 million in January this year, Kin Poo says training for runs assists with his ability to adjust, be flexible and make plans and provisions. LuyeEllium has two main streams of services – the clinical specialist segment and the lifestyle segment – and is owned by China’s Luye Medical Group.

Meanwhile, Luye Medical Group is also the controlling stakeholder of AsiaMedic. Amid this web of ownership, Kin Poo hopes AsiaMedic’s acquisition of LuyeEllium can be the starting point of a long-term strategic plan to consolidate some of the relevant businesses under Luye Medical Group, identifying plenty of synergies between the services of the two businesses.