The roots of the company that is now InVivo NSA go back to 1945, when two national unions for the agriculture industry were formed—the union of agricultural supply cooperatives, and the union of grain cooperatives. Then, in 1954, the Guyomarch Group was formed in France to create a major player in nutrition. The unions had set about to help the French agricultural industry and its workers and, over time, the aim and vision changed. The unions formally became known as the company InVivo in 2001. In 2010, the combination of the two companies—the publicly listed Guyomarch, and the cooperative InVivo— gave birth to InVivo NSA (Animal Nutrition and Health).

With revenues of more than €1.4 billion annually (€5.7 billion for the InVivo Group as a whole), and operations in over 28 countries, InVivo NSA has gone from being a small French company to a global player in animal nutrition and health. Building on its dual entrepreneurship and cooperative DNA, the company upholds the strong values of humanism, commitment, and innovation. The CEO Magazine spoke to the CEO of InVivo NSA and Deputy CEO of InVivo Group, Hubert De Roquefeuil, about the company’s growth over the years, as well as his leadership style and how InVivo NSA sets itself apart from its competitors in the marketplace. Hubert is passionate about the difference InVivo NSA is making to the world, and how its humanism guides many of the company’s decisions and strategies.

InVivo NSA wants to work with agriculture and feed companies to work smarter and work better, so that with a growing global population, food shortage is not a problem.

This, Hubert explains, makes for a very rewarding role as CEO.