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“We manufacture the keys to maximization.”: Jason Provenzano

Success doesn’t happen from a home run. It also doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it involves a series of base hits and walks to win the game. A Yankees fan through and through, Jason Provenzano manages with a similar ethos to a team captain: delegate and lead with authority. “I always thought that I had to do everything, but that wasn’t the case,” says the CEO and President of Makers Nutrition.

Jason Provenzano, CEO and President of Makers Nutrition

“I would end up with a to-do list 10 pages long. I knew I had to surround myself with good, capable people – which I believe I have now – and I also had to make sure they were happy.” To play baseball, players need to learn the necessary skills of pitching, hitting and fielding.

Where learning skills are concerned, leadership is no different. To be a successful leader, one must learn how. In Jason’s case, along with leading world-renowned CEO peer advisory groups, he also collects positive traits and skills from his role models. “Steve Jobs is someone I’ve always looked up to,” he shares.

“His ingenuity transcends generations of creators and businesspeople alike. His model has taught me how to translate ideas into action and propel my plans forward for Makers Nutrition.” Another role model is Alex Rodriguez, whom Jason met during his appearance on CNBC’s Back in the Game.

“A-Rod is one of the hardest-working, relatable businessmen I know,” he says. “Like me, he started from scratch and built an empire. He understands the persistence and mindset required to master the art of business. When you have a vision, you do everything in your power to make it happen because of the belief you have in yourself.”

Jason is a well-known businessman in the dietary supplement industry. He founded Nutricap Labs – a company that was recognized by countless award programs, from Ernst & Young to the International Business Awards.


It was also featured on Inc.’s Fastest-Growing Companies in America list five years in a row. After much success, Jason decided it was time to try something new. He sold Nutricap Labs and, in 2016, purchased Makers Nutrition.

“When I started with Makers Nutrition I focused on customer wants and needs, knowing that was the key,” he explains. “I knew I could do better for both companies starting out and seasoned businesses.”

With that in mind, Jason transformed Makers Nutrition into an industry leader. “We are the one-stop shop for dietary supplement companies, providing a full-service option for all contract manufacturing, graphic design, packaging and fulfillment needs,” he proudly reports.

Jason has a wider focus too – to strengthen the industry as a whole. He believes that if he can play a role in making it easier, faster and less expensive for entrepreneurs to enter the sector, then it would be a win–win for all players.

“Makers Nutrition levels the playing field for small investors in many ways – from offering an extensive line of top-quality, low-minimum-order private label products ready to ship in days, to low-minimum-order custom supplements,” he says.

It’s times like these that truly ground you. It forces you to take a step back to observe how fortunate you are to be in business, serving so many.

“Makers Nutrition is truly a game-changer for the small investor.” Jason cites a piece of advice told to him by a long-time mentor that echoes this: ‘Here’s the secret to success: the success of others.’ “I truly learned what this meant when I started serving the supplement industry with solutions. I saw the impact it had,” he reflects.

“I know what it’s like testing the waters in uncharted territory and the anxiety that comes with it. I don’t have to put myself in their shoes because I’ve been there. Becoming the company our clients need us to be has helped countless businesses succeed. It all comes full circle. Their success is our success.”

Over the past five years, the industry has “grown like wildfire” and benefited immensely from people choosing a more health-oriented lifestyle. “The cost of health care has continued to soar,” Jason notes.

By exercising and eating well, people are aiming to avoid severe illness and the associated costs. Consumers also want their workouts to count; they want to maximize the benefits.

“Supplementation plays a leading role in the healthy lifestyle of many people today,” he says. “We manufacture the keys to maximization. Sports nutrition continues to grow like crazy for the same reason. People are taking better care of themselves.”

The other industry trend Jason has noticed is trust in brands. People are more careful about what they consume than ever before. “There are several disreputable companies that are not FDA registered and don’t follow GMP protocols,” he explains, noting that too many unqualified opportunists jumped in the game after observing the robust growth.

“As investors continue to insist on better, the pretenders will drop off, while the industry and products continue to improve.” In terms of market challenges, COVID-19 is a big one; however, Makers Nutrition is taking precautions by providing training for employees.

Whether that be in standard operating procedures or good manufacturing practices, it’s all to ensure the facilities are safe and sanitized. “That way, when a situation like the pandemic hits, we are not scrambling for a solution,” Jason says.

“Due to our preparedness, Makers Nutrition was able to spring into action and follow our guidelines to make the necessary arrangements. I have never been more proud of our team. It’s times like these that truly ground you. It forces you to take a step back to observe how fortunate you are to be in business, serving so many with the utmost care and service.”

The next step for Makers Nutrition? To expand its global reach in the nutraceutical industry through marketing and international trade shows, all the while continuing to serve clients with exceptional service.

“This is the way to winning,” Jason states. “Customer service is a lost art. If you can show a customer that you truly care, that’s half the battle right there.”

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