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Cutting-edge Care: Marine Queniart-Stojanovic

For the first time in history, people across the globe – even those in low-income countries – are likely to live to their 60th birthdays and beyond. It’s one of the greatest achievements of the modern world – or is it? While folks are indeed living longer, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re living better.


Chronic disease is on the rise. Longstanding enemies like cancer and neurodegenerative diseases remain. And as the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world, new viruses can emerge seemingly out of thin air. In short, the feat of longevity is a futile reward when it is riddled with sickness, pain, loss of autonomy or worse, all three.

That’s where Sanofi – a global biopharmaceutical company focused on human health – comes in. This innovative, people-first powerhouse is committed to making a difference by helping those facing health challenges live life to its fullest potential.

“Sanofi is driven by the scope of these chronic health challenges,” says Marine Queniart-Stojanovic, General Manager of General Medicines for Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, and Country Lead for Thailand and Malaysia.

“We work to transform scientific knowledge and medical advances into cutting-edge therapies to improve people’s lives worldwide. Discovering solutions for the world’s most pressing medical needs is our top priority.”

In fact, by 2030, it aims to reverse the course of chronic disease epidemics. “It’s a bold ambition,” she admits. “But by focusing our efforts on strengthening our diabetes and cardiovascular portfolio, accelerating our go-to-market transformation and building a strong, play-to-win culture, I believe it’s one we can achieve.”

This play-to-win culture has a significant role in not only achieving this goal, but also in Sanofi’s ongoing success. With operations in more than 100 countries and healthcare solutions offerings in more than 170, it’s imperative that the company operates as one team aligned with one vision.

“The key to our success is having a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs,” Marine shares.

“We want to deliver transformative medicines to patients and reinvent care. And we want to do it in the quickest way possible. To do that, we need to be ready to play to win. This means the right behaviours, ways of working and organisation – this is our play-to-win culture. We are building this culture where everyone at Sanofi can be the best version of themselves.”


Describing herself as an innovative leader focused on connection – “connecting the dots in terms of strategy and execution as well as connecting people” – Marine is a huge proponent for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

As it stands, the Sanofi team is a global melting pot in its own right, with representation from 145 nationalities worldwide and a male-to-female ratio of nearly 1:1. “Increasing the diversity and inclusion in our workplace enables us to strengthen our culture and be more innovative,” she states.

We want to deliver transformative medicines to patients and reinvent care. And we want to do it in the quickest way possible.

“It also helps us to connect more effectively with our stakeholders. I’m proud to work at Sanofi, an organisation that’s committed to building an inclusive working environment for all through global policy guidelines that support more flexible working and expand the definition of family and personal care leave.”

Marine is also incredibly proud of working in an industry that affects positive change daily on a global scale. To date, she’s been working in the pharma industry for more than 25 years, driven on a daily basis to making the lives of those around her better.

However, even her decades of work couldn’t have prepared her or Sanofi for 2020 and the unprecedented pandemic that came with it.

“2020 was an unforgettable year for all of us in Sanofi and the entire world. It was the year that posed challenges that none of us could have predicted,” she reveals.

“However, despite the pandemic, it was a year to be thankful. And I am incredibly proud of what we were able to achieve, thanks to our people’s resiliency and relentless commitment to step up and not only meet the challenges, but embrace them too. They leveraged digital and multichannel tools to engage our external stakeholders virtually and continued delivering medicines and vaccines to our patients.”

And as the pandemic lingers, the resulting lessons remain the silver lining for Sanofi. “We’ve learned a lot from our collective experiences this past year,” Marine says. “COVID-19 taught us to stay flexible and agile, and always be ready to adapt to any new changes and challenges that may come our way.”

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