As the largest direct seller of beauty and fashion products, Avon is a global brand with an extensive network. In Australia and New Zealand, Avon boasts more than 50,000 representatives and around 430 employees. The CEO Magazine spoke to CEO Stephen Ford about Avon’s prestigious legacy, its well-established Australian arm, and the future of this iconic company.

“I was working for Avon as MD of our emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa when the then managing director of the business here retired and I was offered the opportunity. Who can say no to working in Australia? I’ve loved every minute of it since arriving here.

I enjoy the outdoors, and I like the open approach and can-do attitude in Australia and in New Zealand where people call a spade a spade. There’s less pretence here. People are more direct and say what they think. There’s that Aussie attitude of getting on with things without making too much fuss. For a Brit, that’s a nice change” states Stephen.