Mahatma Gandhi and his thought-provoking teachings have influenced many people all over the world, including those at pharmaceutical company, Cipla. The business has dedicated its mission to bringing affordable healthcare to the people who need it most, and to making a positive social impact wherever possible. Founded in India, Cipla is now a global brand and is living proof that business doesn’t just have to be about money and profits. CEO Subhanu Saxena spoke to The CEO Magazine about why he joined the company — “It was the best job pitch ever,” he says — and shares his key areas of focus as he continues to grow the Cipla legacy.

The CEO Magazine: Your professional background has included a diverse set of experiences and some wonderful opportunities. Tell us about your journey, leading up to your role as CEO of Cipla.

Subhanu: Ever since I was young I have followed the life principle — which I got from my grandfather — that ‘life is for living’. I have never had a linear view of career development and I’ve always looked at where I could work at making a difference, and how I could learn something new. Luckily, those types of opportunities came my way. I think perhaps four times in my professional life I have taken steps where people have said to me that it would not be a beneficial move for my career from a conventional ‘straitjacket’ development point of view. However, I was just excited by the experiences and so I went for them anyway, despite what people said. This is why I have a very diverse background.