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A signature experience: Z’Shen ‘Z’ Teo

In 2017, the Aivee Group revamped its flagship Aivee Clinic in the Philippines, creating an atmosphere that exudes luxury and sophistication. Located in Bonifacio Global City, the clinic has now added a modern touch to its original French Riviera-inspired furnishings. The building is filled with elegant couches, gilded mirrors and floor-length drapery, all backed by a white, gold and grey colour scheme.

The first Aivee Clinic was founded in 2009 by dermatologist, President and Medical Director Dr Aivee Teo. It was run together with her husband and CEO, Dr Z’Shen ‘Z’ Teo. As the clinic incorporated more health and wellness services over the years, it naturally progressed into the Aivee Group. “Since everything revolved around Aivee, we just named the entire group after her,” Dr Z says.

Z’Shen ‘Z’ Teo, CEO of The Aivee Group
Z’Shen ‘Z’ Teo, CEO of The Aivee Group

Aivee’s IVs

The refurbishment came eight years after the clinic was founded. It included several additions such as an Aivee Café, a beauty bar filled with Aivee skin care products, and a spa. On top of that is a drip lounge for the company’s Aivee Drips, an intravenous infusions service. “We provided a relaxing space with a pleasant view for patients to sit in and unwind while having their reviving infusions of much-needed vitamins,” Dr Z says.

At the heart of the business is a plan to create an experience for patients. “I strived to make sure the Aivee experience was a signature experience for all patients coming » through our doors. Everything from the bed, carpets, interiors, scent, and music was meticulously chosen to ensure an experience that was unique to us.”

“Everything from the bed, carpets, interiors, scent and music was meticulously chosen to ensure an experience that was unique to us.”

But the company is not just about aesthetics, it wants to ensure the best results using highly advanced technologies and employing highly trained medical staff. Some of the technologies and procedures it uses include the PicoSure Laser treatment for skin revitalisation; Ultherapy for non-surgical skin tightening and lifting, and the ARTAS System, a robotic surgical hair transplantation system that treats male pattern baldness.

“The strategy is simple: Deliver the best results with the best customer experience in the most comfortable settings.”

“The strategy is simple: Deliver the best results with the best customer experience in the most comfortable settings.”

Since its establishment, the Aivee Group has opened three more clinics in Metro Manila and one in Singapore. In 2016, it opened The A Institute, a state-of-the-art surgical facility, which specifically addresses hair, orthopaedic, slimming, nutrition and snoring issues. The group has also expanded its line of cafés. “The patients loved the idea of having delicious healthy meals while getting relaxing beauty treatments,” Dr Z says. “It was so successful that the Aivee Café is now in four of our branches.”

Z’Shen ‘Z’ Teo, CEO of The Aivee Group

Skincare for all

With its success over the years, the Aivee Group launched its Beauty Beyond Borders foundation to provide free treatment for those in need. Dr Z explains that this has been a particular passion for Dr Aivee who has, for 15 years, held regular charity clinics for indigent patients in different areas of Las Pinas.

“Beauty Beyond Borders was launched because we found there is a need for skin treatment and plastic surgery for people who cannot afford to come to our clinics. So we made it our mission to take our services outside our clinic to treat them,” he says.

“Most of the time, their skin condition is the last thing on their minds, especially if they have no funds. It is our mission that everyone should be able to avail themselves of good dermatological and plastic surgery care. We do these missions four times a year, and our last one provided skincare and surgery services to around 600 patients.”

As the foundation is also a celebration of beauty and art, the Aivee Group commissioned some up-and-coming artists to create works around the theme of Beauty Beyond Borders. The artwork was made available for sale and a percentage of the proceeds were allocated to fund the company’s medical missions.

“Art, I feel, is similar to dermatology and plastic surgery. In a sense, they are both expressing something, and creating something beautiful,” Dr Z says. “The artist uses media like a paintbrush, charcoal, or oil to create a beautiful canvas while dermatologists and surgeons use injections, lasers and scalpels, to enhance the appearance of a face or body. The end goal of both artists and doctors is to create something beautiful.”

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