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John Derrick

Photo of John Derrick - CEO of Grosvenor Place

In 1987, a prestigious building complex called Grosvenor Place opened its doors. Designed by Australian architects Harry Seidler and Associates, its foundations were inspired by Bob Hammond of Superannuation Fund Investment Trust, who decreed it must be an asset which would generate value for the long term. Located between Sydney’s CBD and The Rocks, the building has remained a sought-after site for business thanks to its contemporary design, which sits harmoniously within the heritage setting. Grosvenor Place offers unrivalled amenities and services, while also having a focus on sustainable practices.

Grosvenor Place CEO John Derrick started working for the organisation in November last year and quickly became passionate about the premium facility. “I very much saw Grosvenor Place as a sleeping giant,” he says. “It is a marvellous building, but I think because it has been so successful in the past, Grosvenor Place has at times been taken for granted. What I want to do is make people understand what a remarkable building it is to locate your business in. In fact, that is one of my main challenges—to bring Grosvenor Place into the forefront of the public domain, significantly more so than it has been in the past.

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