Australia’'s gaming industry might be coming into a period of sluggish growth; however, Ainsworth Game Technology has a plan in place to ensure its success in the years to come. The business was established by Len Ainsworth, a pioneer in the poker and gaming machine sector, in the mid 90s—a year after he was inducted into the country'’s Gaming Hall of Fame. Len’'s solution to combat the pending lull has been to expand Ainsworth Game Technology'’s operations into overseas marketplaces where the pace isn’t showing any sign of slowing down soon.

Executive Director and CEO Danny Gladstone has been leading the Ainsworth team since February 2007 under the watch of Len, who holds the position of executive chairman. Danny came in at a time when the company had reported a loss of $50 million, but quickly set to work to turn those figures around. Last year, he was proud to report a profit of $80 million. Ainsworth Game Technology is headquartered in Newington, Sydney, and has presence in South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Macau, and New Zealand. Its operations are fully integrated to include design, development, assembly, testing, sales, and field service, making it a one-stop solution for its clients all around the world.