Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of Net Insight, has had a prolific career in the telecom sector, working with some of the biggest companies in the industry. He got his start with Ericsson, working in the international arm in transport and cable TV networks. He then moved to TeliaSonera International Carrier and soon became one of the youngest managing directors at the company. After building up the media segment of the organisation, Fredrik went on to Transmode, to develop and evolve the company sales.

In 2005, Fredrik was headhunted by Huawei Technologies. “At the time, Huawei was a relatively small company in China; not many had heard of the brand, so people were saying I was mad for moving on to that company. Huawei has really had an incredible growth and has become a major global company. My responsibility was to build up the Nordic side of the business in sales and marketing.

“I started my career by working with network transportation, moving through to IT and the telecom business. After Huawei, I started working at NEC, which is not just a telecom provider, but they also compete in the IT arena. At NEC, I had the opportunity to understand both the mobile and the IT infrastructure business. One can see a huge amount of media and TV being transported in today’s networks, and I felt that Net Insight had an interesting position with its unique combination of competence in network transportation and media. So that’s why I’m now heading up the new position as CEO for Net Insight.”

Net Insight is a technology leader in delivering transport solutions with the highest quality of service in professional media and broadcast networks. But what is more important is that Net Insight has a unique competence around network transport and media. “The company was founded in 1997 and is based on a vision that network traffic will increasingly be dominated by video traffic. This vision is proving to be true, as today we are seeing a major increase in video consumption and production.