When Lee Hemani started his career, he never imagined he would start his own business, let alone be CEO of a large technology company. However, the world works in mysterious ways and Lee has now taken the reins of XMA as Chief Executive Officer.

Lee began his climb to the top in the telecommunications industry, where he was offered an opportunity to take on a technology business. This changed the trajectory of his career and led him to where he is today.

“I never actually set out on the path to start my own business; it sort of just happened back in 2000,” Lee explains. “I was working for a fairly well-known telecoms provider, and there was an opportunity that arose through a colleague for an associate to take on board what at the time was a failing business in the technology marketplace. They were looking for some financial and resource support, and I thought, ‘I think I can do something here—there’s an opportunity’. When they went through the plan, I felt that there were gaps, and I knew I could do better things for them.

“I set up an organisation, with another business associate of mine, called Direct IT in 2000, and it spiralled from there, with me running that business for eight or nine years. We managed to get a foot up and make £40 million a year. I took the lead on the business, and the guy we helped out moved on. I had another business partner who took a minority share of the business, and he was well versed in the industry. Then five or six years ago, we sold that business to XMA.”