The Norwegian market is very advanced and demands high-speed mobile services and data communication. Broadnet AS is leading the way in that department with its nationwide fibre network and its commitment to ensuring businesses, operators, and the public sector are guaranteed maximum security and stability.

Broadnet AS was formed in 2010 when Northern European private equity company EQT purchased Hafslund Fiber and then Ventelo Holding a year later. It provides services such as VPN, internet, ethernet and dedicated capacity to end consumers and the wholesale market. The fast-paced growth of the national economy and the need for higher data transfer volume, due to new services such as streaming, video conferencing and cloud services, is consistently driving the demand for Broadnet AS’s fibre-optic solutions.

CEO Martin Lippert joined the business in November 2013. He is an economics graduate from the University of Aarhus and has a doctorate in the same field. He also studied at INSEAD: The Business School for the World. Prior to his appointment, he was CEO of telephone operator TDC Operations and was a member of the corporate management of TDC AS. He also has experience as the leader of TDC Business and as a director of Halberg Kapital AS.