Jabra is a company that is made up of sound experts specialising in ‘intelligent audio solutions’. The company has two main markets for its products: the corporate sphere, to which it supplies headsets and unified communications solutions for use in call centres and offices; and the consumer sphere, to which it sells high-quality headsets for individual use, especially while on the move or during training and fitness.

Jabra headsets have scooped numerous awards for innovation and design, and the company is focused on enhancing technology to enable new ways of working in offices, increasing productivity, and providing ease of use.

The company works with technology partners to deliver unified communications solutions that simplify office processes and enable higher productivity. This is done by eliminating common pain points in modern office life. CEO of Jabra, René Svendsen-Tune, has a long history in the technology industry and is committed to pushing Jabra forward with a strategic plan. The CEO Magazine spoke to René about his mission, how Jabra is working with ‘mega-trends’ to create more useful products, and how the business works with partners to make its solutions stand out.

The CEO Magazine: What was your professional background prior to becoming CEO of Jabra?

René: I have been in the technology sector for many years. I started my career in the IT industry in Denmark. In the early 90s, I joined Nokia in their infrastructure business, and then worked in the regional division of Nokia, before I came to Nokia’s head office in the late 90s. I was offered a central role in the infrastructure business and I was running Nokia Networks global sales, customer and country operations for a couple of years. That was until 2006 when I left the company and joined a Swedish software company in the same industry. I was invited back to Nokia Siemens in 2012 to help them with a turnaround project, and then when I left Nokia I was invited to come to the CEO role in Jabra.