From its head office in Paris, Nexans has a network across 40 countries, producing power and telecom cables for the infrastructure, industrial and building markets. Stefan Olsson, Country Manager for Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic countries, joined the Swedish subsidiary in 1999 where he was originally responsible for the telecom business unit. He was offered his current role as president of the company in 2006 and has worked diligently within the region to bring continuous improvement and differentiate Nexans from other players in the industry.

Stefan has been driving the notion of ongoing refinement within the business. He believes constant revision and improvement is the best way to separate yourself from the pack while ensuring future progress. “The market is characterised with overcapacity, so you need to differentiate and be a little better. We have been quite successful in further developing our product offering in a way that gives more value to our customers so we can improve our position in the market.”

“Our R&D team continually work to improve the product offering to the market—and it’s not just the products; it must complemented with exceptionally good service levels. This is also to differentiate and build long-term trust. I think we are one of the best and most reliable partners. If we promise something, then people will trust that we will deliver on time to a warehouse or project site. To be in the game at all, you have to fulfil the basics like high quality; people need to trust that our cables, whether it’s in building and power or telecommunications, are reliable and of the highest quality, so they work perfectly. Then there’s the technical expertise to support this—the need to be a long-term partner and support customers with technical advice for the products, and be available to address any problems.”