Andash Daga’s family established its business in the Philippines in the early 2000s, and Andash joined the company in 2010 after starting his career in corporate finance. “I initially joined as vice president to develop and build up the electromechanical business,” he says. “Then, in 2014, I became senior vice president to further develop the company strategy and structure of its operations.  My goal was to capitalise on current market opportunities and strengthen the company’s position as a leading ODM [!original!] and contract manufacturer in our industry niche for small and large household appliances.”

H3 Technology’s niche is in the design, development, and mass manufacturing and wire and cable harnessing of electronic control devices and electromechanical switches for household appliances.

Andash says it is this integrated business model that makes the company such an attractive supplier proposition. “I’m convinced that’s something that differentiates us, and in the end that provides a higher value-add to our customers than other competitors can. What you see in many corporations across the world is that they are increasingly relying on external partners to support and lead R&D activities to cope with shorter product life cycles and a requirement for a shorter time to market. With our experienced engineering teams we are able, as one of the few suppliers in our niche, to kick off projects in the design and development stage alongside our customers, move these projects further into the homologation phase, and then work together with our customers to apply for European or US certifications such as UL or VDE, before moving to mass production. So, we can do everything from development up to manufacturing, effectively covering the full value chain for our customers. That is not only appreciated, but is highly needed by our customers due to intense competition and cost pressures, particularly in times of volatile consumer markets.