The history of the Caparo Group is a genuine success story, surrounding one family’s determination to continually add value for their company, their customers, and the countries in which they operate. The company started out as a spiral-weld tube manufacturer called Natural Gas Tubes, established by Lord Swraj Paul in 1968 with a £5,000 loan. Today, Caparo has a turnover of over $1.2 billion, and is operating across Europe, the United States, and Asia.In 2002, Lord Paul’s youngest son, Angad Paul, stepped up as CEO to accelerate the company’s growth and expansion. A dynamic and innovative leader, it is clear that Angad had inherited his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, as well as his strong sense of social responsibility, and engagement with the major political and economic issues affecting the manufacturing industry today.

Angad’s ascent to leadership has been a triumph by any measure. Since his appointment, the Caparo Group’s revenues have more than doubled. This growth had been driven by Angad’s creativity, intelligence, and versatility. These qualities are evident in his academic achievements—which include a BSc in Economics from MIT—and in his successful stint as a producer and executive producer on hugely popular films including Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.

Angad has taken risks in the name of innovation and progress, not least of which was the launch of the Caparo T1. Developed by former McLaren F1 engineers, the T1 once held the title of ‘world’s fastest supercar’, and was hailed as a road-legal racing car following its launch in 2006. The project allowed Caparo Vehicle Technologies to make exciting advancements in materials engineering and design services, as well as substantially raising the company’s profile.