It was in 1945, following the end of the Second World War and peace in Europe, that the Fumagalli family had an idea that would change the industry: to create the first all-Italian-designed domestic-use electric washing machine. The father, Eden, along with Peppino and his brothers Niso and Enzo, invented the first Italian washing machine and formed the Candy Group. The family worked together to run the company smoothly, with Peppino taking care of management and administration, Niso in charge of technological development, and Enzo heading up commercial operations. The three brothers took charge of running the company in 1970 after their father stepped down, and continued working together as a team.

Since 1958, the family has worked to expand the business outside of Italy, opening the first branch in Germany, quickly followed by France. In 1966, the first diversification occurred with the launch of the first super automatic dishwasher. In 1970, Candy expanded its business to built-in cookers with the purchase of La Sovrana, and in 1971 to refrigerators with Kelvinator Italia, followed by Kelvinator UK in 1980. Over the following years, Candy continued its acquisitions with Zerowatt washing machines and Gasfire built-in cooking appliances in 1985, Rosières cooking appliances and built-ins in 1987, Mayc-Otsein washing machines in 1992, and Iberna fridges and freezers in 1993.

In 1994, Peppino took a step back from the Candy Group, deciding to hand over the business to the next generation. He had achieved an astounding amount in his time there, and was appointed as a Knight of Labour of the Republic of Italy in 1973. In 1998, he received the Honorary Commander of the British Empire from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a high honour indeed. Despite his love for his work and the company, Peppino knew it was the right time to go. "“I handed the keys of the company to my two sons and three nephews, sons of Niso,”" he reflected. “"I said, ‘'Now, you go ahead.'’ So did my father with us in 1970. Only when I did it, I understood how great was the act of generosity made by my father to us."” It was in 2014 that Beppe Fumagalli, Peppino’'s son, took over as CEO, which he remains today. Beppe stayed true to his father’'s vision of expansion. In 1995, Candy Group moved into floor care with the takeover of Hoover European Appliances. The forefront brand in Europe for vacuum cleaners, this ensured that Candy was in a strong position in the market. The company continued purchasing other companies including Vyatka, Jinling, and Doruk.