For Uponor, sustainability isn’t just a word thrown around in corporate jargon; it’s the company’s vision. Uponor provides plumbing solutions, infrastructure solutions, and indoor climate solutions—such as heating, cooling, and ventilation—to the residential and corporate building markets. As President and CEO of Uponor Jyri Luomakoski explains, part of the DNA of the company is to provide sustainable solutions in all three of their markets. “First of all, sustainability is very deeply rooted in the company and its business. We see it as a huge business opportunity. We are in a great business in a great industry because we can drive sustainability for our customers with the solutions and technology we provide. I think every company needs to be a good corporate citizen, and do the right things as a company internally. The office I am currently sitting is one of the leading examples of a ‘green office’ worldwide. Uponor’s building technology, with our cooling systems and heating systems, are very energy efficient but also create a very comfortable working environment for our people in this office.

“Our ambition with respect to sustainability is that it is of a strategic value, and our commitment is to contribute to a more sustainable world.

We are delivering the shared success of creating a sustainable world with the products and solutions we provide to the building environment—whether it’s buildings or infrastructure—helping to provide clean water and energy-efficient heating in buildings. Those are creating a fruitful platform for us, so sustainability is not only something we should do as good corporate citizens, but we have a genuine ambition to make an impact; we want to help our customers to create better and more sustainable environments.”

Jyri has been with Uponor since the mid 90s, after starting a career in a completely unrelated sector. “I started my career back in the 1980s in IT as a project manager in a software company,” Jyri explains. “I spent two years in Finland, and then I was the country manager of a subsidiary of that company in Germany.”