Mohit Jain is happiest when he knows everyone is fast asleep – particularly if they are between his sheets. The managing director of Indo Count is adamant that the 14,000 tons of yarn spun from more than 80,000 spindles every year in Indo Count’s plants creates bed linen of such quality and comfort that sleep can be almost guaranteed.

“Creating quality yarns and bedding, while working towards creating the best sleep experience imaginable, is woven into every fibre of our DNA,” Mohit says. “We do not believe in being just another ‘me too’ bed linen manufacturer. We are specialist end-to-end bedding providers and have chosen to work towards creating only the best sleep experience.”

We have chosen to only work towards creating the best sleep experience imaginable.

In fact, if it goes on a bed, Indo Count makes it. Apart from sheets and pillowcases, the company produces fashion bedding such as comforters, quilts and cushion covers; institutional lines including duvet covers, shams and basic white bedding, catering to hotels and hospitals; and utility bedding incorporating mattress pads, protectors and comforters filled with poly fibre.

Mohit Jain leads an innovation focused team

Indo Count has always focused primarily on exports, sending its products to more than 56 countries across five continents, manufacturing for household names such as Debenhams, Bed Bath & Beyond, Laura Ashley, JCPenney, John Lewis, Walmart and Macy’s. Its core strength is product innovation and development, with the company relying on consumer surveys, industry research and state-of-the-art technology to constantly develop and stay ahead of its competitors.

“Our core focus is innovation: being price competitive will not result in long-term sustainability and credibility with our customers. We are more synonymous with innovation,” Mohit explains. “We focus a lot on customising the products for our customers by understanding their requirements and meeting any gap between the retailers’ shelves and end user’s need. Our patents are a result of this innovation-led, focused approach toward our products, which includes a lot of proprietary weave technology.”

Mohit Jain Managing Director of Indo Count

We are synonymous with innovation.

However, last year it introduced value-added products to gain an edge over competitors who remain locked solely in the spinning business. The company introduced its own premium brands such as Revival and The Pure Collection for overseas markets, as well as Boutique Living, an affordable bed linen range for Indian consumers featuring a range of luxury colours, patterns and themes to cater to domestic tastes.

Indo Count aims for global domination

Indo Count was established by Anil Jain in 1991 at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, beginning as a cotton-yarn spinning company with around 26,000 spindles, before diversifying into home textiles, particularly bed linen. Mohit Jain joined his father in 1998 after completing graduation in the US. Today, headquartered in Mumbai, it is the second-largest manufacturer of bed linen in India, controlling the entire manufacturing process from development and design to the spinning, weaving, processing, sewing, branding and marketing.

Indo Count is the fastest-growing Indian manufacturer in the American and European markets and among the top-three bed sheet suppliers to the US. America accounts for around 70% of its sales; however, it aims to reduce that to 50% and diversify markets into Europe, the Far East and Oceanic countries.

“In the future, I see my company as one of the top-three home textiles players globally. We want to expand our fashion, utility and institutional bedding mix’s contribution to overall revenues from 10% to 30%, and to grow our non-American businesses from its current 30% to 40% over the next three years.”

Going above & beyond

Mohit regards loyalty and integrity as vital to partnerships, with Indo Count enjoying a reputation for going above and beyond to ensure support for establishing and maintaining relationships with key suppliers and stakeholders.

“We open channels of business partnerships and provide them all with technical and raw material support wherever necessary,” Mohit says. “Our strong financial position also allows us the option of providing financial or logistical support wherever necessary, and we enforce quality guidelines to help improve their efficiencies.”

Meanwhile, Indo Count is equally committed to the community with its strong corporate social responsibility program, driven by the mantra that ‘Every Smile Counts’. The company has adopted wide-ranging policies around education, health care, water and sanitation, female empowerment, and the environment, in order to improve the quality of life of the populations living in communities near to its manufacturing facilities.