A well-known brand in most modern airports, COBUS Industries prides itself on offering a high-quality product and service. It is the only company in the world that is dedicated exclusively to the construction of airport buses and this has inevitably secured its place in such a niche market.

The idea to provide shuttle buses to transfer travellers between terminals, to the baggage claim area, and from plane to terminal was first conceived in 1978 at Zurich Airport. Although at the time COBUS Industries was not known under its current name, it still bore all of the brand’s most important hallmarks.

Since then, COBUS Industries has expanded to include a number of vehicle models which operate all over the world. There are roughly 3,000 COBUS vehicles in operation at 350 airports in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond.

Patricia Vasconcelos has been leading the COBUS Industries team for a couple of years. She studied economics in Germany, has a Master of Business Administration, and has a strong background in finance. She initially joined COBUS Industries as CFO at the beginning of a complicated and hard restructuring process, before a decision was made by the shareholders to promote her to the role of CEO.